Workshops & courses

Not everyone can get to a yoga class on daily or weekly basis, but courses and workshops can be a great way to get that time out that we all deserve. I run workshops for 2 hours, half days and full days, so there is something for everyone. Courses are usually run over a block of 6 weeks.

Beginners Course

Beginners Course

Beginners 6 Week Course

Great for newbees to the world of Yoga, or anyone who is interested but not ready to join a group class. The beginners course takes students through the basics of Hatha Yoga, concentrating on the breath (pranayama) and postures (asanas). Each class concentrates on a  different muscle group, culminating with a vinyasa class in week 6.

6 x 60 minute classes over 6 weeks, £36 to be paid in advance.

Next beginners course begins Wednesday 26th February 2020 book via the timetable section, register with your email address, scroll across to Wednesday 26th Faebruary 5pm and book your slot.

“Just finished the 6 week beginner course and thought it was amazing. I’ve practiced Yoga on and off for years, but never committed to a course, I’ve realised now how wrong I was doing certain positions. Now when I do Yoga at home I can I’m progressing heaps…” Holly

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Beginners Workshop

Beginners Workshop

**New for 2020**

3hour beginners workshop

If you can’t attend the Wednesday evening beginners 6 week course, this could be the answer for you.

3 hours dedicated to all things you need to know about yoga, in an intensive 3 hour workshop.

Christie will lead this session, with assistance from Emily, looking at pranayama, asana, meditation and linking all three. She will discuss the different styles of yoga and show how yoga can be used for more than just fitness. At the end of the 3 hours expect to have knowledge on the type of yoga for you, some take away practice and confidence knowing postures and breath so you can join a group class at Yoga Den.

The next workshop is Saturday 22nd February 12-3pm, price is £30pp to be paid in advance.

Book via the timetable section, scrolling to Saturday 22nd February 2020.


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Monthly Workshops

Monthly Workshops

Yoga Den runs monthly workshops and special guest teachings from £20pp.

February: #loveyourself workshop

Saturday 8th February 12-3pm £30pp

March: Shamanic Journeying 

Friday 6 March 7-830pm £20PP

More workshops announced soon.

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Awaken and unleash your hidden potential

Awaken and unleash your hidden potential

Yoga Den welcomes international yoga teacher, speaker and healer for a one off 12 hour workshop.

Saturday 20th June : 4-8pm
Channelling meditations, cacao ceremony, understanding blockages and what is holding us back.

Sunday 21st June: 10am-6pm
A full day to awaken and unleash your hidden potential with a Jennifer using intuitive guidance and healing techniques, coaching, yoga and sound.

Visit for more information on her programmes. She will also be available for question and answer sessions over Facebook live and via messenger.

A £50 deposit is required to hold you place, this can be paid to Christie via yoga den to save on international transfer fees.

Total cost £220
* If awaken and Reiki 1&2 courses booked together save 15%

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Reiki level 1 & 2

Reiki level 1 & 2

Wednesday 24th June 2020 11am-7pm

Reiki level 1&2 training
Learn about chakras, alignment and healing of the chakras for use with others and yourself.

This full day intensive course will give you the knowledge and ability to practice reiki healing.

Level 1 Reiki

Level 1  training is open to anyone.
This training allows the practitioner to connect to the universal life force energy, Reiki. REI (ray) universal life force. Ki (key) energy.

You will learn the history of Reiki and how it began.
Self-healing (focus on practicing Reiki on yourself), thereby working through your obstacles.

Course Outline

The Origins & Science Of Reiki

Meditation & Self-Healing
Chakra systems
Aura Scanning Techniques
How To Clear Your Energy
How To Clear your home, office etc
Energy Attunement
Group discussion and hands-on practice

Reiki Level 2 Course:

Reiki Level 2 Training & Certification
Deepen your connection
You will learn the 3 Reiki symbols.
Reiki symbols contain vibrations and codes to assist in the healing process of yourself and others.
How to pronounce & write the Sacred symbols.

Course  Outline

How To Use Reiki Symbols
How To Send Reiki Over Distance, Space & Time
Chakra Knowledge
Chakra Balancing
Meditation Techniques
Crystal Grids
Learn how to set up your Reiki business properly
Client Form Sheets
Healing Meditation
Group discussion/ hands-on practice
And so much more

To ensure you are able to register in the UK with FHT and comply with reiki standards you will need to submit homework and logbooks to Jennifer and liaise with her via video call post June 2020.

Read about Jennifer’s courses and testimonials via

For more information please contact Jennifer.

To book your place contact Christie.

£200 (£50 deposit to secure place- if booked alongside Awaken workshop save 15%)

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Corporate wellbeing

Corporate wellbeing

These workshops can be designed with your business and employees in mind. Considering the job roles of each member of the workshop, we can work together to create a suitable session incorporating breathing, yoga postures and mediation. Corporate bookings can also be taken for regular or one off yoga classes at your workplace, to aid better health at work. “Since doing Yoga at work, not only has my flexibility improved, it relaxes me and manages my stress levels. Christie’s patience is impressive and she engages well with he group. Great way to break up a working week and boost energy levels.” Jade

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Wedding Yoga

Wedding Yoga

Planning a wedding can be stressful, so why not start your wedding day with a bespoke Yoga class. I have been lucky enough to do morning wedding yoga with brides and bridesmaids across some love venues in Northumberland. The class can be tailored to your needs, with prices starting at £30. “thank you so much, I was so calm and measured for the day xxx” Leah

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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

This class is specifically designed for students to help combat stress during exam periods. This workshop can be modified to suit you and the number of students attending the class. De-stress methods can be discussed as well as breathing techniques, linking the class back to Yoga and meditation. Duration and pricing can be discussed in line with your needs.

The next student yoga course begins Tuesday 7th January 345-445pm. This is suitable for 12-16year olds, £5 PAYG or £25 for 6 weeks, please contact Christie for more information or book via the timetable by scrolling along to Tuesday 7th January and press book.

* timetable classes are suitable for 16+

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