Christie Harley Yoga launched and loving it

Apologies it’s been a while since my last post… After my travels I moved back to my home town and registered my new business as Christie Harley Yoga. I’m not going to lie it is really hard- I only see my partner on weekends, I’m living with my dad in his house, I’ve had to get a part time job in a pub and I’m skint. However, I feel really happy ? the best thing about this whole new world is that I’m helping others. Ive had so many people come to me after my classes and thank me and tell me that they feel more centred and positive.

My number 1 goal  is to make others feel better. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I did last year. Depression and unhappiness is not fun, and my only piece of advice to anyone in a similar situation is to ask yourself what would make you happy?! And then go out and get it.

Im currently teaching 5 group classes a week (Hatha and restorative yoga), I’ve run one semi successful half day workshop,  And I have 121 yoga sessions and reiki appointments booked in over the coming weeks. Ideally though I would like my yoga business to take off so that I don’t have to work in the pub. I worked in a bar during my teens and early twenties and it’s really not pleasant, I’ve also found the atmosphere really bitchy and negative which is the opposite environment I wanted to work in. I know that it’s going to be hard though and I just need to lump it for now and get my bills paid. ?

its surreal to think that only 3 months ago I was still in the office working my 830-5 job and counting down the seconds to the end of the day -day after day. Since I left 14th July, I’ve been to Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, London, I’ve moved back to my home town and started my own business… OMG!

Im so glad I’ve been able to share my thoughts along the way!

Thank you for reading xx

Christie Harley Yoga launched and loving it