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Yoga is not about how you look, it’s about how it makes you feel.

I became a Yoga teacher to create a safe community for anyone to come along to enjoy and learn Yoga.

I create classes suitable for any age, size, shape and gender, with variations and alternative postures for you to use as you feel. Whether you are tired and need some restorative Yoga to aid a great night’s sleep, a powerful vinyasa to relieve stress and tension or a gentle Yin class to let the body

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What people say...

  • Quote
    Calm, peaceful, strengthening and fun! What more could you want?!

    - April

  • Quote
    … it is both challenging and welcoming. Christie hits 5 stars of knowledge, genuine interest in you and coaching ability.

    - James

  • Quote
    I’m new to Yoga and have always been a bit apprehensive about going to a class in case I did something wrong. Christie is a great teacher and really helps you during the class giving alternative poses

    - Hayley

  • Quote
    … good instructor, friendly and a good workout which got me sweating…

    - Adam

  • Quote
    Christie is so easy to follow

    - Vikki

  • Quote
    Christie is very helpful and encouraging

    - Debbie

  • Quote
    … it was amazing. Christie made me feel comfortable and helped me when I needed…

    - Lauren

  • Quote
    … I have loved it and as a beginner this was the right way to start and has totally whet my appetite for more. I can’t wait for the next stage of my journey.

    - Katie

  • Quote
    Christie’s Yin class is fantastic – a lovely relaxing class with some great poses and stretches – the hour goes too quick

    - Lisa