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Hatha Flow and Gentle Flow

Hatha is pronounced ‘Hat-ha’ Most forms of Yoga can be specified as Hatha; practicing physical yoga postures, focusing on mental and physical strength in the body and breathing techniques.

Hatha flow concentrates on strength and alignment, with each pose held for an extended time, to work on structure and alignment of the pose.

Gentle Flow moves through the poses in a vinyasa style class slowly. This is great for beginners, and all poses can be modified.

These classes are graded green, suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Duration: 60 Mins

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Sunrise Flow

A 45 minute morning class centred around feeling energised and grounded for the day ahead. The class concentrates on breathing, meditation, sun salutations and vinyasa flow.

Sunrise flow is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced, graded green.

Duration: 45 mins  

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Vinyasa & Flow

Simply means a sequence of postures with the breath. Vinyasa is also known as a flow.  An example of this would be the sun salutation sequence, where each posture flows to the next using inhale and exhale. This class can be done at your own speed, with posture variations for each level. Expect to get a  little hot and sweaty, and abs will also be worked as a strong core is needed to achieve great asanas (yoga postures).

Vinyasa is not always energetic. We teach slow flow, gentle flow and chillout flow too.

Dynamic Vinyasa = red class

Vinyasa = Orange class

Chillout Flow = Yellow

Slow and Gentle Flow = Green

Vinyasa is suitable for those with some yoga experience.

Duration: 60 mins

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Ashtanga Yoga

At Yoga den, the Primary series is taught consisting of standing, seated and lying down postures mixed with vinyasa.

These classes are great for anyone wanting to progress in Yoga asana and pranayama. The sequence is the same at every session, so progression is natural.

Ashtanga is graded red. This is not suitable for beginners, but we welcome anyone with Yoga asana experience.

Duration: 60 minutes

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Yin Yoga

A slow, gentle form of Yoga. Yin and Yang takes the form of feminine and masculine, yin being more gentle and yang Yoga (vinyasa) more powerful, focussing on strength. Being slower in pace, it is said Yin Yoga is more relaxing, and can calm the mind quicker. Rather than putting emphasis on the muscles, in Yin we put stress on the connective tissues in the joints which can in time increase flexibility.  In Hatha we hold each posture from 30 seconds up to one  minute moving into a vinyasa. In Yin yoga postures can be held for up to 7 minutes, however these postures are not balancing, and props such as bolsters and straps are used for comfort and ease. This is great for anyone wanting the calm the mind, relax and stretch out the body after being sat at a desk all day.

Yin Yoga = Green class suitable for all levels

Duration: 60 mins 

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Yin Yang Yoga

Just as it says Yin Yang is a mix of both powerful vinyasa and slow Yin yoga. Classes  begin with pranayama, gentle stretching, and a flow of Yoga postures (vinyasa), the second part of class will move into Yin and holding postures for longer periods of time to increase flexibility. Great for anyone who doesn’t know which style to choose.

YinYang Yoga = yellow class suitable for all with some yoga asana experience

Duration: 60 mins 

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Flow and Restore

This class is a great mix of gentle flow, yin yoga and restorative yoga. Lie back, relax and stretch for 60 mins on a Friday, a prefect way to end your week.

Flow & Restore =  Green class, suitable for all levels

Duration: 60 Mins 

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Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga, sometimes known as sleep yoga is very gentle, consisting of 5-7 postures that are held from 5 – 15 minutes. Using bolsters, straps, blocks and sometimes blankets, you can expect to feel completely relaxed and get a great night’s sleep afterwards. Restorative classes are 75 minutes long, for the body to evoke the relaxation response, which is the opposite of our natural state of fight or flight mode. I burn candles and incense during the class, and keep the lights off so that everyone can feel at ease, centred and most of all relaxed.

Restorative Yoga = Green class, suitable for all levels

Duration: 75 mins 

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Yoga Nidra

Expect to be guided into a deep state of relaxation whilst becoming increasingly aware of the inner world. The aim of the yoga nidra is not to fall asleep, but to withdraw from the 5 senses (pratyahara). The withdrawal aids a deep state of concentration and awareness, ultimately leading to the higher state of meditative consciousness (samadhi).

Yoga Nidra is the deepest form of relaxation whilst remaining conscious.

This 60 minute session will begin with slow movement and stretches before settling into a comfortable position for Yoga Nidra.

Green class, suitable for all levels

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6 Week Beginner Course

Beginners 6 Week Course

Great for newbies to the world of Yoga, or anyone who is interested but not ready to join a group class. The beginners course takes students through the basics of Hatha Yoga, concentrating on the breath (pranayama) and postures (asanas). Each class concentrates on a  different muscle group, culminating with a vinyasa class in week 6.

6 x 60 minute classes over 6 weeks, £40 to be paid in advance.

“Just finished the 6 week beginner course and thought it was amazing. I’ve practiced Yoga on and off for years, but never committed to a course, I’ve realised now how wrong I was doing certain positions. Now when I do Yoga at home I can I’m progressing heaps…” Holly

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The Benefits of Yoga...

  • Increases flexibility

    Increases flexibility

  • Increases metabolism

    Increases metabolism

  • Helps digestion

    Helps digestion

  • Increases oxygen flow to the brain

    Increases oxygen flow to the brain

  • Calms the mind

    Calms the mind

  • Slower breathing means less stress and tension

    Slower breathing means less stress and tension

  • Increased lung capacity lower chances of heart disease

    Increased lung capacity lower chances of heart disease

  • More grounded and focussed

    More grounded and focussed

  • Decreases lactic acid in muscles and decreases joint pain

    Decreases lactic acid in muscles and decreases joint pain

  • Increases core strength

    Increases core strength

  • Great for balance

    Great for balance

  • Better posture

    Better posture

  • Increases libido

    Increases libido

  • Burn fat in power vinyasa classes

    Burn fat in power vinyasa classes