My aim is to bring beautifully balanced weekends full of Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation, to ensure you take time out to celebrate you.

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GongSong Sound Bath

GongSong Sound Bath

A sound bath is a relaxing and meditative experience where participants are ‘bathed’ in sound waves. These waves are produced by instruments such as the gong, singing bowls, chimes and sometimes other percussion instruments. The instruments create deep resonating vibrations that help people to achieve a deep state of relaxation in a short space of time with no effort other than listening.

People often describe feeling deeply relaxed following a sound bath. Some fall into a meditative or dream-like state, and are able to switch off from worrying thoughts, relieve tension and improve their mood.

Research is ongoing into how sound baths work and an evidence base is slowly growing. One theory is that binaural beats propel the brain into producing slower brainwaves which are linked to dreamy, meditative states.

The ideal length of time for a sound bath is 45-60 minutes. You will be invited to bring a yoga mat or camping mat, a blanket, cushion and if you have one an eye mask. The idea is that you are as comfortable as possible. If you are uncomfortable lying down then a chair can be provided. You will be invited to close your eyes and simply let the sounds wash over you ( some people even fall asleep). We’ll let you know when it’s time to come back to the room.

Gongsong will be providing regular sound baths during 2022.


The next session is Friday 10th June at 6pm

Yoga Days #spoilyourself

Yoga Days #spoilyourself


Not everyone has the time to treat themselves to a Yoga holiday.

The spoil yourself days incorporate, Yoga, Meditation, a guest led workshop, and lunch.

The cost of these getaway days are from £65pp. Gift vouchers are also available.

The next retreat days takes place at Dilston Physic Garden in Corbridge, Northumberland on Sunday 26th June and Sunday 21st August 2022. These retreat day takes place outdoors in amongst the wonderful garden.

To book your place click below

26th June here. 

21st August here

Soul Sunday mini retreat

Soul Sunday mini retreat

Join Christie for a mini retreat (3 hours) at Yoga Den on Sundays in the Autumn months for a special treat to warm your cockles.

Welcome, hot drink and snack

Journaling activity

Relaxing yin and restorative Yoga

Yoga Nidra

Soup and cake

£30pp to be paid in advance

Any dietary reqs should be provided in advance.

2022 Dates TBC

Monthly Full Moon Circle

Monthly Full Moon Circle

The full moon is a very spiritual time of the month where we can shine a cosmic spotlight on our world, let go of what hasn’t been working and set intentions for the month ahead.

Our resident moon fanatic and astrologer Kerry, creates these beautiful 90 minute sessions to coincide with the full moon each month.

Expect to flow and move with Yoga asana, be guided in to meditation and learn about the moon and astrology through the use of oracle cards.

£10pp and included within the unlimited membership.

Saturday 11th June 1030am-12 noon

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