Finding the right path

I wanted to write today about the importance of finding the right path and choosing to follow it.

Since I changed my path, I have felt indestructible, I have had a feeling that I’m doing the right thing and I’m on the right path. Today however, I went backwards, and started thinking about my choices, and are they/were they the right choices. Have a I done the right thing?

1.       Career. I knew 100% I made the right choice when I left last year. As January hit, and my partner and I parted ways, I realised that in this world we need money. We need a ‘proper job’ to be taken seriously financially. To get somewhere to live when we’re alone, we need an income. In February I took a 9-5 role at an educational charity, and it has surpassed any expectations I had. I actually really like it there. They treat me like an adult, I’m not micro managed, and I’m allowed to make my own decisions which is great. I’m also not in a job that is all about profit and sales and stamping on people to get to the top. I’m still running my Yoga business as well, teaching 9 classes a week (10 from tomorrow), which is tiring, but the Yoga for me isn’t like work because I know I’m making a real difference in not only my own physical, mental and spiritual health, but in my students too. I love teaching Yoga, I do believe this path was ‘meant to be’.

2.       Home. I was unhappy when I was living away from those I had grown up with, friends and family, I believed it was the right choice to move back. Yes, my business is a success here. Friendships however, I’m not so sure. What I’ve learned since being home for 7 months is that no one really gives a shit. We think that they do, but deep down all anyone is truly bothered about is themselves. My ‘friends’ that I so deeply missed, don’t bother with me. None of my ‘friends’ have got in touch with me truly wanting to know how I am, when I contact them I rarely get a reply, sometimes they don’t even read my messages. No one ever wants to meet up, unless it fits for them, and only one ‘friend’ has attended one of my Yoga classes. At first, I took it personally, but trying to live compassionately and with empathy has taught me that, it’s not me. Their lives are busy too. They may think of me sometimes, and when they do, great, let’s get coffee, when they don’t that’s fine too. I’m not going to waste energy on ‘friendships’ that have changed over time, everyone is fighting their own battle, and dealing with their own shit. Being a good person, is for me to be there when they need me.

3.       Family. I have had so much grief from family members you wouldn’t believe. I always knew certain members of my family were judgemental, but this has taken the biscuit. I’ve been looked down on since I returned from Bali and talked about constantly. Having a successful business is not recognised when you stupidly gave up such a ‘successful career’. Even now that I have a full-time job and the business, I’m still not asked or congratulated about Yoga. It’s just forgotten about. Now that I’m single as well, I’m the black sheep. ‘Single at 31, OH MY GOD’. Why would someone leave a Happy relationship? Well, was it happy? How would you know? My Dad and sister have been great, it’s fab being back in the comfort of my family home, with support and love all around.

4.       Relationship. I spent over a year trying to make my relationship work, and the thing that I have learned most is that it takes 2 to make a commitment and a life together. When only one person makes the effort, it is doomed. I am upset, you might even say grieving for the loss of a person who was in my life for nearly 4 years. What I do know is that I’m thankful for the learnings, and we were meant to be, but only for a short while. That toxic relationship gave me the courage to change my path and create a magical present and future in helping others and doing something that I love. We should always be grateful in life. I believe that life is one huge test, it is up to us to win or lose. Some people will choose to settle, because they’re not quite there yet. I’m a winner, and I want to pass this message on to everyone I meet. Winning doesn’t mean hurting people, or being the best at work, earning to most money, living in the biggest house or driving the best car. Winning is following your heart and doing something good with your life.

I do wish my ex-partner well with his future. I hope he finds his path and chooses to follow it when the right time comes.

Did I make the right choice? I trust I did. Some days I will have a wobble, thinking about the past, but maybe that’s just a test too. Standing strong and believing in what I’m doing is the right thing to do. My advice is not for everyone to leave their jobs, house and partner, but everyone knows deep down whether their path is the right one. We should all be following our intuition and making changes when it feels right.

“You are exactly where you are supposed to be”

Lots of Love



Finding the right path